FLA Existence is in Danger!


TO: Laryngectomees in Florida
FROM: Bob Smiley, President
  Jeff Searl, Director of Education

This letter is a direct appeal for your input regarding continuation of the FLA as an organization.

There are two major issues placing the FLA that place it at risk.

  1. Dwindling involvement by laryngectomees in the organization’s leadership. There is a desperate need for patients to step forward in leadership positions in order for the organization to continue. Appeals have been made several times over the past 3-4 years without success. When the current executive committee members finish their terms, there will not be new leadership to take over running the organization unless you or others become involved.
  2. Financial losses from the annual conference. Because attendance at the conference in Orlando from both students and laryngectomees have continued to decline over the years, it is becoming very difficult to make the conference be a “break-even” meeting.

The FLA Executive Committee is discussing alternatives to an annual meeting in Orlando which might be able to address item #2 above. However, unless there is readiness by laryngectomees to step forward in leadership roles, there is limited hope for continuing on as an organization. And if a handful of volunteers do step forward, there is the additional need for laryngectomees to commit their support to the FLA by attending and encouraging attendance at FLA events such as conferences.

What We Are Asking Now

  1. Do you want the FLA to continue as an organization?
  2. Are you willing to be considered for a position on the FLA board? (described more below)
  3. Are you willing to commit your support of the FLA by attending and encouraging attendance at conferences that are hosted by the FLA?

Contact us to let us know your answers

Robert Smiley, President
Phone: (321) 536-0831
E-mail: Send Message.

Jeff Searl, Director of Education
Phone: (913) 588-5937
E-mail: Send Message.

FLA Leadership Positions are briefly described below. Current and past leaders are very willing to mentor and assist new people in getting involved in these positions.

Position Description
President Prepare agendas and preside over FLA meetings of the membership (once a year at the Annual Meeting). Sit on most of the other FLA committees as a non-voting member. Call special meetings of the FLA if needed or requested.
First and Second Vice Presidents Assist the President when requested. First Vice President assumes duties of President if the President is unable to continue. Second Vice President would then slide up to the First Vice President position.
Secretary Keep records of meetings at the Annual Meeting and Executive Committee meetings and distribute those minutes.
Treasurer Serve as the custodian of FLA funds and physical property. File financial reports required by Federal, State or other agencies.
Education Director Appointed by the other executive committee members to prepare and run the Annual Meeting.
Member-At-Large Serve the officers of the FLA as requested (they are part of the executive committee with voting rights)
Committee Chairs Description
Web-Site Manage the FLA website by supplying information to the FLA webmaster.
Tri-Fold Maintain up-to-date data of the support groups in the state of FL.
Newsletter Editor Prepare and distribute the FLA newsletter.
Annual Meeting Registration Staff the registration table at the Annual Meeting.
Auction & Raffle Collect and Assemble items for the auction at the Annual Meeting. Help run the auction.