FLA Grants Given To Attend The IAL Annual Meeting on JUne 6-9, 2018

The Florida Laryngectomee Association will be giving grants to Florida Laryngecomees who need financial aid to attend the IAL Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL Grants to non Florida larys will depend on the number of requests by Florida residents.

There are two types of grants.

1. Those who live within a 1 hour drive of Orlando will receive a grant for registration only.
2. Those who live farther than a 1 hour drive Orlando will receive a grant that includes the registration and a hotel room.

Additional expenses may be approved in advance up to a $300 limit.

Priority will be given to laryngectomees who are 5 years or less from the date of surgery or any others with head or neck conditions.

Procedure for applying for financial aid:

Complete all sections of the application form which can be obtained from the FLA by either …

1. Email: Request Your Form Here.
2. Calling: (321) 536-0831

We intend for this process to be relatively simple. Occasionally a phone call may be needed to clarify the process. We know you to be honest when applying and we normally accept your statement. We hope to be able to approve all legitimate applications.

A Message from the FLA President

The FLA has not held an annual meeting since 2014. The reason for this is that we could not get individuals to help.

Finally, the International Association of Laryngectomees will be holding their Annual meeting here in Florida in Orlando at the Holiday Inn Resort Orlando-Lake Buena Vista. The date is June 6-9, 2018. Refer to the IAL web site for room rate and the cost of the Voice Institute.

The FLA will be offering financial grants to Florida laryngectomees residents, who have had their surgery in the last 5 years. Contact Bob Smiley for an application. Selection will be based on first come basis.

The IAL will also need volunteers to help at the Annual meeting. Contact Bob Smiley for details.

Robert Smiley, President
Phone: (321) 536-0831
E-mail: Send An Email.

FLA Leadership Positions and responsibilities are briefly described below. Current and past leaders are very willing to mentor and assist new people in getting involved in these positions. We are currently seeking a treasurer as well as another member at large to enable us to serve our active membership.

Position Description
First and Second Vice Presidents Assist the President when requested. First Vice President assumes duties of President if the President is unable to continue. Second Vice President would then slide up to the First Vice President position.
Secretary Keep records of meetings at the Annual Meeting and Executive Committee meetings and distribute those minutes.
Treasurer Serve as the custodian of FLA funds and physical property. File financial reports required by Federal, State or other agencies.
Education Director Appointed by the other executive committee members to prepare and run the Annual Meeting.
Member-At-Large Serve the officers of the FLA as requested (they are part of the executive committee with voting rights)
Committee Chairs Description
Tri-Fold Maintain up-to-date data of the support groups in the state of FL.
Newsletter Editor Prepare and distribute the FLA newsletter.
Annual Meeting Registration Staff the registration table at the Annual Meeting.
Auction & Raffle Collect and Assemble items for the auction at the Annual Meeting. Help run the auction.